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Certifier - 'Assigned Certifier' Services

Certifier – ‘Assigned Certifier’ services in Dublin, Meath, Kildare & Westmeath

Since March 2014 Building Control (Amendment) Regulations of and the associated Code of Practice in Ireland have come into affect. As a multi discipliery team of Chartered Engineers & Chartered Surveyors Dublin Surveys can guide clients throughout the new 2014 Building Control Act.

Dublin Surveys offers certificates of compliance with the three key areas of the new building control act.:

  • Design – ‘Design Certificate’
  • Certifier – ‘Assigned Certifier’
  • Completion – ‘Completion certificate’

Certificate of Compliance (Undertaking by Assigned Certifier)

1. Building owners obligations:

The building owner’s obligations include:Building owners will be required to appoint, for almost any building or works a Design Certifier and an Assigned Certifier as well as a competent Builder.

2. The Assigned Certifier:

The Assigned Certifier will inspect the building works during construction (as set out in the assigned certifier inspection plan) and provide a certificate of compliance on completion.

The Assigned Certifier must be a competent professional such as a:
Chartered Engineer
Registered Building Surveyor.

Dublin Surveys team of chartered engineers and chartered surveyors provide all services to be met under the new building regulations criteria or as your chosen Assigned Certifier’ for your project:

The Assigned Certifier is the person assigned by the Building Owner as is required under the Building Control Regulations introduced in Ireland – March 2014

Key roles of the ‘Assigned Certifier’


1. The certifier undertakes to inspect (the ‘inspection plan’), and to co-ordinate the inspection activities of others during construction, and to certify the building or works on completion.

The role of Assigned Certifier does not include responsibility for the supervision of any builder.

The Assigned Certifier is required to:

  • Be the single point of contact with the Building Control Authority during construction;
  • Prepare the Preliminary Inspection Plan and oversee adherence to this plan and on completion provide the Inspection plan as implemented
  • Identify all design professionals and specialists, in conjunction with the Builder, from whom certificates are required
  • Identify all certificates required and obtain them
  • Co-ordinate the ancillary certification by members of the design team and other relevant bodies for the Certificate of Compliance on Completion
  • In consultation with members of the design team, plan and oversee the implementation of the Inspection Plan during Construction;
  • Co-ordinate and collate all certification of compliance for completion in conjunction with the Builder and receive these as formal submissions at agreed intervals and dates.

Costs associated with the assigned certifier role: 

The Fees or costs associated with the assigned certifier role can be proposed based upon the plans, design certificate specifications & outlined inspection plan. Contact Dublin Surveys to the discuss the assigned certifier cost  for your building works or building project.

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Appointing Dublin Surveys as Assigned certifier enables good communication between all parties and the right result for clients and building owners.

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