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Design - 'Design Certificate' Services

Design – ‘Design Certificate” services in Dublin, Meath, Kildare & Westmeath

Since the implementation of  the new building regulations March 2014  – Building Control (Amendment) Regulations of and the associated Code of Practice in Ireland have come into affect. As a multi disciplinary team of Chartered Engineers & Chartered Surveyors Dublin Surveys can guide clients throughout the new 2014 Building Control Act and provide services from the Design certificate through to the completion certificate.

Dublin Surveys offers certificates of compliance services with the three key areas of the new building regulations Ireland  (Building control Amendment):

  • Design – ‘Design Certificate’
  • Certifier – ‘Assigned Certifier’
  • Completion – ‘Completion certificate’

Certificate of Compliance (Design) (the “Design Certificate”)

1. Statutory obligations for the ‘design certificate’:

The new building control (amendment) legislation 2014 applies to all building types, and any building works which require a fire safety certificate. Domestic extensions to dwellings under 40 sq.m are excluded.

2. Building owners obligations:

The building owner’s obligations include:Building owners will be required to appoint, for almost any building or works a Design Certifier and an Assigned Certifier as well as a competent Builder.

3. The Design Certificate

A Design Certifier is the person appointed by the Building Owner to design and coordinate the design by others. A Design Certifier must be a chartered engineer or a registered building surveyor.

The Design Certificate must be submitted with the Commencement Notice, and requires confirmation that the plans etc., included with the Commencement Notice demonstrate compliance with the applicable requirements of the Building Regulations.
The designer certifying must state:
“having exercised reasonable skill care and diligence, that, having regard to the plans, calculations…which have been prepared by me and others and having relied on ancillary certificates and particulars…the proposed design for the building or works is in compliance with the requirements of the Second Schedule to the Building Regulations”.

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Dublin Surveys team of Engineers & Surveyors employ a time tested design process enabling good communication and the right result for our clients within the frame work of the new Building Control Act

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