Full sample snag list report from house inspected in Dublin.

View Full example snag list and sample report for new house in Dublin. Conspect 085-1276288 provide Construction snagging lists for new houses & apartments across Dublin city and Dublin county.  We also cover surrounding counties – Our sample snag list reports follow a concise program with approx. 260 check per house.  Conspect are the No.1 surveyors and engineers in renewable energy technologyOur reports are easy to follow and have been complimented by clients, contractors & even builders (due to there ease of understanding and specifying the repair we expect, however we take the builders compliments with a ‘pinch of salt’ ).
Conspect do not care how hard a snag is to fix, how long it takes to snag a home or apartment & within 2- 3 working days you and the builder will have the full report with pictures (as in the example snag report format ).
Call our team today for a fixed snag list quote for your new home & take full advantage of Conspect Engineering’s motto:

We Find it, List it & Get your builder to fix it !

Full sample snag list report from Conspect:


Full sample snag list | sample snag list report – we strongly advise that home buyers do not attempt to use our sample snag list report, our staff have 40 years plus in construction, engineering, renewable energy, we also process test equipment and continual knowledge CPD..

Conspect Engineering –

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A further example full snag list report – on our sister company, these are two side by side reports on two houses in Castleknock – one is Snag My Home (Conspect engineering) & the other is by a competitor, we can’t name the competitor for GDPR rules how ever their snag list report is on the blog post next to ours with their name redacted.
Our competitors snag inspection report is what we in the industry call : A Fly by snag inspection!
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